Who am I?

Name:  Lance

Age:  32

Location:  Guangdong, People’s Republic of China

From:  La Junta, Colorado, United States of America
Occupations: Bar Boss, Writer, Freelance Diplomat, Musician, Seasonal Hobo, Lover, Existential Student
Turn-ons:  sushi, motorcycle travel, vinyl records, getting lost, minority, Bukowski, original Punk, airplane take-off, goosebumps, 1969-1980, bodysurfing, exoticism, CAN, Laozi, and knowing everything is alright because nothing is all wrong.

Turn-offs:  beets, self-importance
Countries visited:  Mexico, Canada, Honduras, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, China, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, Czech Republic, Holland, England, Scotland, Ireland, Hungary, Croatia
Countries next to visit:  Myanmar, India, Tahiti, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Russia, Romania, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Congo, among too many…
Reading right now:  How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie
Favourite quote:  “Rather than shine like the jade, rumble like the rocks.” — Laozi

4 responses to “Who am I?

  1. Hello, do you still living in Huizhou now?
    Please delete before the 2 comment.
    Thank you so much..LOL

  2. Nathan Roberts

    Hi Lance I was a coworker of your cousin Brady…found your blog through his fb page. Anyway, I jokingly told my half Vietnamese/German girlfriend that since China is going to take over sooner or later that we should go there now and work…leave the US for good. She kinda replied in semi joking manner that she was down to go. I doubt it would really happen but I would like your input on China’s economic and political future. What do you see happening there that we may not? Thanks, Nate.

    • Hello Nathan. Finally getting around to my comments. Thanks for checking out my blog. Brady did a nice little plug for me.

      As far as living in China goes, there’s not a day of boredom. Living here is fascinating and if you’re thinking about the long run, there is an abundance of opportunities out here: investment, jobs, travel, and a good quality of life. Of course teaching English is one of the prominent jobs here, but there are a lot of expat business men set up here too. In the city I live in, Huizhou, housing is still cheap but also rising steadily. You could definately double your money on a house here in just a few years.

      The people are warm-hearted towards foreigners. I’ve never had any serious problems with discrimination or being treated differently because I’m American or a Westerner. Yes, the government does have a watchful eye here, but it’s all done in the name of one of China’s most important values: Harmony. Keeping 1.5 billion people in harmony is no easy task, yet the people here do get along tremendously well.

      China’s tourism industry is the fastest growing in the world. Come over for a look, then you can get a better picture.

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